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Großartig - eine schwindelerregende Balgerei, wunderschön inszeniert!

Bahnbrechend - springt aus der Leinwand, du lachst dich schlapp!

Wild und prall voll Leben!

Anders als alles zuvor!

"Von der Branche als eine der größten Innovationen des Filmjahres 2015 gefeiert, zeigt TANGERINE L.A., wie sich im Digitalzeitalter neue Ästhetiken und neue Erzählweisen gegenseitig befeuern!"

"A gorgeous, timely and possibly profound human comedy!" SALON.COM

"A reinvigorating reminder of what indie filmmaking can - and should - do!" TIME OUT

"This is sublime filmmaking, a textbook example of how indies can tell groundbreaking stories in a way that Hollywood simply can't match!" SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

"The wildest screwball transgender comedy since Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon donned lipstick, mascara and full-tilt female get-ups in SOME LIKE IT HOT!" MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE

"A fast, raucously funny comedy about love and other misadventures!" NEW YORK TIMES

"What's extraordinary about TANGERINE is that it's everything an entertaining, old-fashioned, mainstream Hollywood comedy should be but no longer is!" NEW YORK MAGAZINE

"A neo-screwball chase flick with a dash of Rainer Werner Fassbinder — but mostly, movingly, it is a female-friendship movie about two people who each started life with an XY chromosome set..." Vollständiger Artikel NEW YORK TIMES

"Incredible Sundance sleeper hit: Shot on an iPhone 5 for practically no money, TANGERINE jumps off the screen and wows you like nobody's business!" ROLLING STONE